Thursday, 24 of August of 2017

Episode i: Drabblecast 52

Download Episode i: Drabblecast 52

A little explanation is in order here. Last year I sold my first piece of fiction, to the Drabblecast, which is a flash fiction podcast that I highly recommend. Hearing my story read in a podcast that I was already listening to, not to mention the song afterwards, scratched an itch I hadn’t really known I had. That morning, walking to lunch through the snow and listening to my story for the third time on my mp3 player, was the beginning of a chain that eventually led to this website.

I’m posting that episode here both because I think it deserves to be in the feed alongside my newer stuff and because I’m getting married on Saturday, which has expanded to fill my life and prevent me getting much writing done lately. I’ll be back as soon as I can, but for now please enjoy the dulcet tones of Norm Sherman reading “Sleep Age.”

–Jake out

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